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Thank You for Checking Us Out.

It is Our hope that you found our Pages interesting, although they are very basic. But then we felt it important to get on line as soon as possible and clean it up as we go and boy o boy do we need to do some cleaning up. Don't we?

It is quite the experience learning to access the Web after the many years of accessing this World of Mycology. Please be patient and we shall grow together with a better understanding of this Magnificent World, in which we Live.

There are several ways to contact us to place an order, get more information or coment on the subject matter.

For Info on Making Money in Your spare time write.

For a Brochure and Product List:
$2.00 & #10-Self Addressed Stamped Envelope


Mycro-Tech. Industries
Dept. 2000
P.O.Box 724
Springfield, OR 97477, USA

May Your Shrooming Experience Be A Safe And Memorable One
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The Ultimate Experience In Mushrooms

Please Remember:

"When in Doubt - Don't" or "If in Doubt - Throw it Out"

Most little mushrooms that are poisonous will make you sick and make you wish you were dead, but there are a few that are small and totally unforgiving.

They will steel your life from you and make the experience very unpleasant.

Just 1 bite from the wrong one could kill you or destroy your body.

Please be careful.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you ever have any questions of any kind.
Just use the Email link below.

Thank You.

Feel free to check out our New Website at:

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