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Welcome to the Temporary Home

of the Original

Pet Fungus

Spore Bank

Our Goal and Perceived Destiny is to Provide:

The Ultimate Experience In Mushrooms


To assist you in your persuit of:

Science & Beyond

We Seek to Enlighten,Satisfy and Improve Your Physical Health, Mental Horizons, Culinary Delights, Visual Desires, Olfactory Pleasures and Spiritual Balance, through alternative natural options.

We hope to create and provide the World's Largest and most Comprehensive Collection of Mushroom Spores for Mycological Research and one of the Newest Concepts:

Landscaping with Mushrooms for Fun and Profit.

Instead of Chance - You Can Decide What Grows

NOTICE: Finally we have Moved to Our New Web Site and can be reached by contacting us at [] and we thank you for your patience. Please come Visit us. You can use the link below or use the above address.
WoW - Finally!

Exclusive Expert Guide & Foray Services, Lodging, Transportation and Meals for Spring & Fall Seasons.
Reservation / Registration Forms are available by Mail only:

Magic Fall Forays begin mid September through mid January - Don't miss out! They are Limited.

Magic Spring Forays begin late March through mid June.

It is also our hope to assist in the discovery of New Compounds and Medications which might be useful in resolving the many Health Problems of our Society. The answers are out there. We must find them. Many interesting discoveries are already being made in this mysterious Mycological World. Please support this Research.

Currently we stock over 400 species and hope to stock 2,000 species by the year 2,002.

All specimens are also available on mounted microscope slides.

We offer identification services: requiring several spore prints (mushrooms set on clean white or black paper to allow spores to land on paper) along with a photograph of the subject in it's natural environment along with one next to it, on it's side to view the gills / pores / surface. Send: $15.00 per specimen identification.

For the last 20 years we have been studying the use of Mushrooms for Landscaping and have been very impressed by the potential application and select controll of specific Exquisite colors / scents / edibles that you can choose from, with an extremely high degree of success.

Brilliant reds, oranges, blues, purples, violets, pinks, whites, tans, greens and more.

Scents of almonds, cherries, mint, licorice, candy, chocolate, radishes, apricot, cucumbers, even ones that taste like they smell and better.

Not only can you grow them in jars, in terrariums, clear bags with fruiting slits, on logs and in special compost flats but they can be grown in your front lawn, bark & flower beds, neighboring lots or parks and even nearby forests, where ever there is adequite moisture. The fungus can even help your plants grow better and healthier.

For more specific growing techniques contact your local library or book store. Or take a class from a Local College. We provide basic directions with each order and a basic Environmental Evaluation with each species.

Only reciently we have decided to cary Growth Chambers, related supplies and Laboratory equipment.

For more information and a list of products send:

$2.00 and #10 Self Addressed Stamped Envelope


Mycro-Tech. Industries
Dept. 2000
P.O.Box 724
Springfield, ORegon 97477, USA


Until then: Be Well and May Your Shrooming Experience Be a Safe and Memorable One.
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The Ultimate Experience In Mushrooms

"A Beautiful Specimen - but one of the World's Most Deadly Mushrooms"
Just these could kill 2 people and take up to 1 week of slow agonizing pain with no antidote available. It might be some-what unfortunate to even survive being poisoned by this little Mushroom.
Regretably it often grows side-by-side with some psychoactive Psilocybe species and readily picked by the inexperienced. A FATAL mistake, and you only get ONE.

Please Be Careful - and Remember: "When in Doubt, Throw it OUT."

OR Better Yet. Contact Us. That's what we are here for. To help you understand this incredible World of Mycology.

Yes the Mycro World can be yours too.
No longer do you have to buy those little plastic or plaster mushrooms to make your garden a little more pleasant. Or put up with what nature wants to give you out of the HAT. Choose your own preferences. Impress the neighbors !!! Treat yourself and your Family to some of the most delicious and rare Mushrooms for dinner.

With your list of mushrooms, we'll send you - look up their names in a book or request an Emailed photo to see if it's the right Shroom for you.

Need more help?????

Don't forget that you can make Money $$$$$$$ in your Spare Time:
It's as easy as planting grass seeds only they are a lot smaller.

Thank you for stopping by.

May the Fungus Be With You.

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