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We carry the largest selection of Glassine Envelopes, Sleeves, Liners, Pockets and Bags, as well as Candy Cups, Baking Cups and Glassine Doilies, in the World at the Best prices available and in all kinds of sizes for stamp collecting, photographs or negative archival storage, art preservation, entomology research, mycology and general laboratory use, not to mention Weddings and of course Confections and food services.

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Glassine & Poly Bag Internet Web Store

With all the corrosive materials around us from cleaning solvents to the airborne abrasive materials in dust form, we sometimes need a little special protection for those items that need that little extra care.

These Glassine Envelopes are made of the finest unbuffered, acid free, 100% pure pine wood cellulose, Archival quality materials and produced from #25, #30 and #40 pound translucent paper stock. Assuring maximum visibility, in a number of varieties of sizes and styles, that will help protect their contents from contaminants and abrasive materials that can damage those special items and not chemically react with or harm your rare collectable stamps, coins, delicate old or new photographs, antique negatives or transparencies, electron microscope negatives or plates, laboratory specimen collections, such as crime scene investigations, entomology studies and even mushroom spore samples as well as other hobbies. An excellent choice for the home, shop, office, business and research laboratory facility or even specialty weddings and wrapping decorative items or confections.

The US Postal Service has long recognized the importance of the Glassine Envelope for long and short term storage of delicate and valuable stamps. Coin collectors will confirm that as well.

The US Postal Service has used Glassine Envelopes for years.


Custom Printing is available on Request.

Special Sizes or Shapes, as well as Modifications, such as "Safety Folds", can also be Custom Ordered.
Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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Names of suppliers and manufacturers are welcome too.

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